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United Kingdom Function Point User Group Limited (UKFPUG)
UKSMA is a not-for-profit group aimed at promoting and improving the use of software measurement and sizing.
We host workshops and conferences in measurement and sizing.
Our discussion forums are hosted on Blogger and Linkedin.

UKSMA Products

United Kingdom Software Metrics Association
UKSMA provides free downloads of a number of downloadable measurement manuals as follows:

  • Function Point Analysis (FPA) Mk2 Counting Practices Manual V1.3.1
  • A Defects Measurement Manual providing members with useful definitions around the subject of measuring defects and using those measures to facilitate measurement, comparison and discussion.

  • A Support and Maintenance Measurement Manual aimed at promoting the use of measurement to help manage Software Support and Maintenance. It define the metrics that are appropriate to this activity.

The manuals are issued by the UKSMA Metrics Practices Committee. To download, you must first register as a member.

If you are a member you can download the documents from the Members Page.


UKSMA also support

  • ISBSG products

  • COSMIC including access to free downloads of official COSMIC case studies; The COSMIC Measurement Manual

  • CMMi including access to downloads

ISBSG Products
UKSMA is a long-running supporter of the ISBSG, an international, not-for-profit organisation that has established and now grows, maintains and exploits three independent repositories of IT history data to help improve the management of IT globally:

  1. Software Development and Enhancement Repository – over 4,800 projects
  2. Software Maintenance and Support Repository – over 350 applications
  3. Software Package Acquisition and Implementation Repository – fledgling repository with over 150 projects to date.

The ISBSG mission: “To improve the management of IT resources by both business and government, through the provision and exploitation of public repositories of software engineering knowledge that are standardised, verified, recent and representative of current technologies”.

The data in these repositories can be used for:

  • estimation
  • benchmarking
  • project management
  • infrastructure planning
  • bid planning
  • outsource management
  • standards compliance
  • and budget support.

Submit your data and be rewarded
ISBSG is accessible to all (including students, small businesses, large corporations) for a modest fee. Visit to purchase ISBSG products, submit data, subscribe to the free ISBSG newsletter or find out more.

UKSMA members are encouraged to submit their project or application details to the ISBSG for inclusion in one of the three international repositories. The ISBSG offers free Data Collection Questionnaires (DCQs) to enable the collection of relevant metrics, and these DCQs can also be used to help establish an in-house metrics program. In appreciation to organizations that submit data to the repositories, benefits are offered such as a Free Benchmark Report which compares the submitted projects to similar ones in the repository.

The ISBSG recognises the imperative of guaranteeing the anonymity of the organizations that submit data to its repositories. The ISBSG carefully follows a secure procedure to ensure that the sources of its data remain anonymous. Only submitters can identify their own projects/applications in the repositories using the unique identification key provided by the ISBSG Administrator on receipt of a submission.



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UKSMA is incorporated in the UK as a company limited by guarantee. The company name is UKFPUG Ltd and the registration number is 02779200.
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