United Kingdom Function Point User Group Limited (UKFPUG)
UKSMA 24th Annual Conference
Friday, 11th October 2013

28 March 2020

Spring Conference (May 2018): Making Measurement Count

Call for Papers - click here for printable copy of call for papers

Pursuing our revitalising of the Association as initiated at our 3rd November Open-Day with the launch of our new Modus Operandi, we are holding this Conference in London in May 2018

The conference affords the opportunity to share experiences, ideas, academic papers, case studies, and strategies for widening the relevance, appeal and benefit of measurement to the management of software procurement, development, testing and maintenance/support.

We are looking for submissions that will help give attendees practical views, ideas and experience in the 'how to do'. We are keen to keep the theme wide ranging to reflect the increasingly diverse nature of software measurement and changes in the software development community. From approaching UKSMA members and taking further ideas and feedback from our Open Day on the 3rd November, we have the following suggested topic areas :-
Case studies of these topics that provide a balanced view of the development and uses of measurement would be particularly welcome.

You are invited to submit papers or presentations to conference@uksma.org

Please submit a short description (a précis) summarising your presentation. Each presenter has 45 minutes, including 10 minutes for questions.
It would be appreciated if you would indicate your intention to submit a paper as soon as possible even if a précis is not yet available, so that we can gauge the response.

Deadline for Précis submission: 9th February 2018
Notification of acceptance: 28th February 2018
Submission of Final Presentations: by 20th April 2018

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