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United Kingdom Function Point User Group Limited (UKFPUG)
UKSMA is a not-for-profit group aimed at promoting and improving the use of software measurement and sizing.
We host workshops and conferences in measurement and sizing.
Our discussion forums are hosted on Blogger and Linkedin.

Welcome to the United Kingdom Software Metrics Association (UKSMA)

Are you interested in directions and best practice in software measurement and estimation and the management of Information technology (IT) value?
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There are two classes of membership: Associate (free and open to all) and Full membership (awarded by the UKSMA board).

New UKSMA Website

To better reflect the fact the UKSMA is a not-for-profit organization, is now the official UKSMA website.

The content of this website will be migrated to the new UKSMA website over the next few weeks, during which time this site will remain available but will not be updated.

Please bookmark the new site to obtain the latest information.

UKSMA Mission Statement

. To encourage, promote and improve software measurement and metrics practices within the software community.

. To be acknowledged by all software metrics practitioners in the UK as the main facilitator of software metrics knowledge.

UKSMA aims to achieve this by:

. Providing a forum for the exchange of software measurement and analysis ideas

. Collaborating with other software metrics organisations

. Arranging conferences, tutorials, discussion forums  and special interest groups

. Arranging exams for for Mk2 FPA and COSMIC certification

. Promotion of advances in software measurement and analysis

. Supporting the development of software metrics standards and certifications


How to participate

Participate in UKSMA activities by attending our workshops and conferences, sharing best practice discussions via our Linkedin discussion forum, writing papers and providing feedback on industry directions and practice needs.

Functional Size Measurement Methods

Functional Size Measurement is the approach to quantifying Software in terms of the functionality it delivers to its users independently of the technical and quality aspects of its delivery. It provides a method of normalising measures of Productivity, Speed of Delivery, Quality etc. by providing a common measure of what is delivered which can be used to calculate unit values.

The Base Functional Components that are measured are expressed in terms that people from all backgrounds understand, particularly the business users (or purchasers) of the software. A well-documented measurement provides a valuable resource in the management of the software during its full lifecycle.

The methods supported by UKSMA aim to conform to the International Standard 14143-1:1998 which defines the characteristics of FSM methods. All these methods are well on the way to becoming international standards in their own right. UKSMA has supported this work by part-financing participation in ISO/IEC JTC1/SC7 WG12, the international working group that meets twice per year, and works in the interim via email on the standardisation of FSM Methods and practices.

Members of UKSMA have participated in the development of all these methods, participating in the Counting Practices Committee of IFPUG, the Core Development Team for COSMIC-FFP, and through UKSMA’s Metrics Practices Committee, management of the Mk2 method for which it is the controlling body.